...serenity in motion

Remember your past experiences but don't let it keep you from trying new things, again...

I changed my mind yesterday.  It is my prerogative to do so but, I don’t always like doing it.  Years ago, I had a learning experience in a co-op gallery.  The gallery is a success and in an excellent location with a very long stable history.  I was there for a year and didn’t sell much, probably was me and my work at the time.  It wasn’t for me then and I decided it wasn’t for me ever.  I wasn’t going to co-op again…..  Fast forward to two years ago, I joined another for a different reason.  I needed studio space and by joining the co-op, I would have that.  In the end I moved, thus making it hard to utilize the studio.  Again, I didn’t sell anything there either.  I don’t think it was my work or me this time, I am pretty sure it was the reduced hours due to COVID.  I pulled out of that one too.  That was it, nope not going to do co-ops again….. Well, maybe?

Yesterday, I found myself hanging my art in a co-op again.  Long history of business (40 + years), excellent location, lots of traffic.  I had been a guest artist there once and sold a couple of paintings.  I didn’t find out until I picked up my work that I had sold but I did.  In fact, one of the buyers came looking for me at an artshow later and purchased something else.  Thus, when the chance came up to be a part of this co-op, I joined.  My work wasn’t there for a full day and something sold.  I don’t know if it was a fluke, I am going to hope not.  Shouldn’t be because I have sold there before, but that is why I changed my mind about going back into one.

Being in business for yourself is about always looking at the possibilities and trying new things all the time.  It doesn’t have to be a huge change when you step out of your comfort zone.  Obviously, I keep trying co-ops for different reasons but there again; I am trying something new.  New products, new designs, new price points, even if everything is going great; try something different.  But; do the research. Look at location, the traffic going through the store, it’s history and the people involved, the price points that the gallery offers…… The drive to the co-op is going to be hard but with a little luck and family and friends, I should be able to make it worth the time.  There are other business ventures that are profitable at the same time in the area around there.  I am going to try to make each trip count.  Spread the expenses over several different things in one trip.  Defray the costs, as it were.

Remember, each new thing is a gamble and you might not see a real return right away.  If you never try anything, you may not ever see any real results in the long run.  Way the risks but always keep your eyes open for things that might bring you new avenues for success.  Keep in mind your vision for your business and try not to steer to far from your true path.  Small gambles, that is the key.  If you take too big of a leap of faith, you might fall flat and take your business with you.  Good luck, I’ve got to go paint a replacement!