...serenity in motion

This is only a temporary normal, push through.

I used to be someone who moped.  I could happily kill a day on the couch, munching my way through the day.  I would eat too, a lot.  Depression is responsible for at least 3 pants sizes.  Sigh* Oh well, time to get up and move on.  It isn't easy to push through days where you have no direction.  This is the time where we are having a hard time with that, finding direction that is.  We keep being told this is a new normal.  This isn't normal, this is temporary.  There is no way this is a sustainable lifestyle and we shouldn't be refering to it as a "New Norm".  So lets call it what it is, a temporary.  Now that I have labeled it, it is time to get to work.

I have been having a hard time creating.  Raise your hands if you are in the same boat.  It's ok, no one is grading you on this.  How do you find your drive in this new Temporary?  Find things that need to be done for your art.  There is always paperwork that you have been neglecting.  I am putting all of my pieces in a new inventory program.  You would think that wouldn't be difficult but it is.  Imagine all of these important points and you can't move them all in one file to another place.  I am having to enter each item and upload each data point seperately.  There is a point to this, really.  I am getting to see all my work again.  

Instead of it being a stockpile of neatly packaged artifacts, I am experiencing each one of them again.  It helped me see my work in perspective.  Besides there being a lot of work; I had forgotten some of them.  I pulled one out of it wrap and exclaimed, "Holy Shit!"  I couldn't believe it had painted it.  It was spectacularly lovely, Y'all; just amazing.  I giggled about it for an hour.  Wow!  And I saw others that I had forgotten I had done.  It really helped me see things in a better perspective.  I have fun creating art, why am I waiting to do it? 

That is why you do the mundane, sometimes getting your artistic house in order helps you find your way back on your path.