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Oh Well, The Past is the Past

I had this amazing step-father.  He dropped his transmssion going 80 miles an hour and his only comment as we sat next to the road was, "Oh Well." He was never one to waste time lamenting the past.  Didn't matter if it had been good times or bad, he never looked back on the past.  My husband is the same way; didn't matter who or what was in our past, we focused on the future and the now.  Much more constructive.

I have a difficult time doing this.  I look back on the good times from last year before COVID and gaze with sorrow on lost momentum. My business plan is shot and my oppourtunites are fading into the economic reallity of now.  We have made changes to our plans to adjust for it all and we will be sitting in a better financial position.  A better postition to weather the storm, and a great place to rebuild my momentum again (since I am starting from almost scratch).

Oh Well is basically a statement that means, keep moving forward.  I don't want to give up doing art, I will not stop looking for places to sell it.  I keep checking my commitment to my art, it is still there.  If I don't dwell on the frustrations of the past, it is easier to keep going.  Don't let your past history drag down your present.  It doesn't matter if it is your career or your relationships, Now is the reality and your focus.  What you are doing now, who you are with at this moment, where you are standing Right This Second.  

History belongs in books for research, so you don't repeat the mistakes of your past.  Remember, your history helped you become who you are today.  For better or worse, that is what it is.  If you don't like who you are, who you are with, or where you are standing; research your history to see how you got there so you can find a new person to be, start a new career or find a new place to stand.

My mom talks about changing times and how one year she made 100k and the next she made 8k. She kept going and had better years later. Years keep moving on, commitment is what keeps you going, it aint the past that pulls you forward; and if you don't pay attention it can hold you back.  Use it for research not for reliving.  Live in the now, and just push yourself along.  Focus on what you want, not what you lost and you will get farther.