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Looking for Opportunities in the Days Ahead

Looking for new opportunities in the days ahead.

I am always looking for new shows.  I am not the artist that gets into every show I apply for.  There are artists out there who are like that, but not many.  You always need a backup plan and another place to go.  I love going to places that are a distance from me but given the economic environment, I need to seriously consider my choices.

How do I find new shows?  Friends, show application websites and word of mouth mostly guide my choices.  Artists generally face at least one denial a career and others at least once a year.  Don’t take it personally, jurors know their crowd and they tend to have an idea of what their show should look like.  Sometimes they have to turn down very accomplished artists because they don’t fit the overall look of a show.

Can you apply for more than one show on the same weekend?  Of course. If you get waitlisted for your 1st choice, you can wait to pay the show fee for the second to find out if you will get in.  There is a drawback to that, you loose your chance at prime show booth real estate.  Corner booths and doubles sell out first and you might get placed in a less than ideal spot.  If that does happen; promote, promote, promote.  Consider social media and paying to have a sponsored ad for that show.  Sponsored media can focus on the specific area you will be showing in.

You are self employed, you get to make the decisions for your own business.  If you do get contacted by the show you are waitlisted after you have paid the other show fee, remember that the show you have agreed to will have to fill your spot.  When that happens, if you leave it too late; you might end up causing an empty spot next to another artist.  Hopefully, the second show will offer that spot to the people on either side to fill the gap.  Blank spots can create a problem for promoters and vendors who are next to them.  Consider your choice carefully and always give a thought to everyone.  Good luck, see you down the road.