...serenity in motion

Looking at a blank page, trying to think of what to do? Just put down something, it might lead you to amazing places

I write this blog every week and most times I can think of something to write about but every once in a while, it takes me a bit to figure out what I am going to do.  I also do posts for my facebook page and for another one and it can be hard to get ideas every week.  There was a woman I met once who had stage fright.  You wouldn't know it to look at her, she was so dynamic on the stage.  When asked about it, she said it is like that song, "Put one foot in front of the other and you will find yourself half way across the floor."  Writing and creating art can be like that.  Starting can be the most difficult part of the whole process.

You might not create anything really amazing with a forced start but, it can get you thinking about what you want to do.  Starting builds momentum, as you work; your brain moves to that artistic side.  While it is there, it starts moving into places you hadn't considered before or reminds you of places you wanted to explore.  A few weeks ago, I posted that I was having a hard time having faith in myself.  I didn't feel really excited about what I had been doing.  I didn't feel like I had been pushing myself.  I kept working though, and then found myself making some new creative decisions. (I'll keep everyone posted, I now have a plan.)  Some of the problem is that I am in a new living situation and the studio is taking shape.  Furniture needs to be moved around and we need some strong backs for that.  I don't have one of those anymore.  Oh well. I am creating again.

I keep pushing forward if for one reason, I don't want to do anything else.  Sure, I could go back to doing nails.  In reality, I don't want to.  I like being an artist.  That is part of what my brain decided on when I kept pushing.  Some of what I did wasn't great while I was figuring this out, but my resolve solidified and I started a piece that I am very proud of now.  I'm still working on it and I take it places with me like some children carry a blanket.  It reminds me that I can do something hard that will make me proud. It also reminds me of what I decided when I was forcing my start.  I guess the moral is this, just keep moving forward (Walt Disney). .  I am going to go take my steps and get moving again.  Wanna come?