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Listening to the voice in my head and asking "Why Can't I"

Listening to the voices in my head and asking “why can’t I”


I recently had the joy of running into one of the voices in my head.  Now, when I say that; it isn’t about the voices that tell me to do “bad” things.  I’m referring to one of the people you think about when you make serious decisions.  “What would …insert your guiding voice’s name.. say?” and the voice rolls through your mind.  This person has been a 4H leader for years where I live and was awarded a lifetime achievement for guiding young people in the organization.  We happened to be in the same place at the same time and I overheard her talking about one of her 4H people who was very blind.  The individual she was talking about had ridden in 4H shows and competed and because of the horse this rider had, no one really understood her handicap. 

Now my mentor isn’t the kind of person to decide what someone can or can’t do, she waits to see if that individual can accomplish the task.  If there is something this leader can do to guide or assist, she will.  I have never heard her say; “You can’t do that.”  She might use, “your probably shouldn’t but if you want to try it, we’ll get out of your way so we can help pick up the pieces afterward.”  She has always been encouraging that way.

It got me thinking about how many times we say can’t without asking why and how those who guide us ask, “Why can’t you?”  I also started thinking about that 4H competitor.  Who would ever consider putting a blind person on a horse let alone have them compete where they might get seriously hurt?   Of course, anyone who gets involved with large animals (sighted or not); runs the risk of serious injury.  I wonder what other tasks this person does that we would never consider a sight challenged individual doing.  What challenges to the sighted do, that others wouldn’t consider doing, say; like selling art? 

I’m going to challenge you, think of 5 “I can’t” statements that you have had in the last few months.  Write them down and then come up with 5 reasons why you just might be able to do it.  Any thing from I can’t get new towels to can’t back up a trailer.  Maybe it’s about getting a pet, moving, finding a new doctor…… lets give the voices in our head a chance to be our leaders once again.

Oh, I took that voice to coffee.  You should have seen the look on her face when I told her she was one