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Let's lift each other up

Let’s lift each other up.

I’m a big believer of sharing.  I share ideas, information, equipment, techniques, you ask me a question and I will give the best answer I can.  Recently an artist called me to ask about running a program and asked me to lunch to talk about it.  “I was told you were the person to ask” he informed me.  It took some finagling but we were finally able to meet and he asked me some very interesting questions about what you can do with a specific program, Square.

I like using Square.  It is easy to use, most customers are familiar with it, it has some interesting abilities depending on your business.  When it comes to following my inventory, I use Artwork Archive. So when he asked me about using Square to track inventory, I pointed him to AA.

Let me tell you now, as much as each platform wants you to believe it; none of them will ever be perfect for doing everything you need.  This is why I share.  He is going to be doing some amazing things that I won’t and I don’t know if either program is going to do what he wants completely but, if he finds something that does; I hope he shares in return.

I don’t have the time to research 24/7, but that is why we have friends.  That is why we share.  If each of us can learn 1 thing, than 5 of us can know about 5 different things together. I guess what I am recommending is that if you know something of value, consider telling others about it. You never know what you will learn in return.