...serenity in motion

It's time to put a toe into the world again.

I am doing shows again!  There are a few shows that are going forward right now and while the crowds are not yet out there, there are still people.  It isn’t what it was, and it probably won’t be for a while; but it is again a time for shows.

I stepped up and was vaccinated.  While it does relieve some social stress, I still wear a mask in public (mostly). The world has changed though, and it takes a fool to deny it.  People are afraid of being in crowds.  They are worried about how to spend their money.  Everyone is keeping an weather eye on the future and trying to watch for the storms.

How long do we live with worry?  Maybe it is time to start putting one toe out there in the world.  I’m not saying that we should rush like fools into the open fields of daisies. I would say it is time to step out on the front porch and look for sunshine.  That is why I am doing shows.  I have a short list of shows that I applied for.  Most of them are close by, one or two are not.  I still need to take chances because those chances will give me opportunities in the future.  I am going to invest in the future because I believe in it.  I am not going to throw caution to the wind and do a ton of them. I am going to choose wisely and make calculated decisions. But, I will stand in the sun again and walk through the daisies.

I am asking you to take a chance and walk out with me.  If I am in your area, I hope you step out in the sun with me and just wave.  If you feel comfortable, come up and say “Hi”.  I promise I won’t crowd you but the sun is warm, the air is fresh and the art? It is beautiful!  Come to the show!