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I was whiney, what a waste of my time.

I was whiny this week.  I wasted so much time dragging my feet and complaining about something that I said I would do.  I am part of a group of artists who have work at a resort.  The resort is going through a bunch of renovations right now, and construction makes getting in and out a pain.  It sometimes works better if you have a buddy, but I couldn’t find anyone who could go with me.  The last friend I visited said she was so sorry that she couldn't go.

When I got up to leave, she asked me where I was going.  “I’m going to deliver my art and get the key” I told her.  “You’re still going to go?” she asked, “Why?” 
     “Because I said I would” I told her, and to the resort I went.

Turns out, it wasn’t that hard at all.  The owners realized that things were difficult and had made adjustments to the access.  I drove in, rode the elevator, delivered my art, picked up the key and left.  It took me longer to drag my feet than to do my job.

How often do we waste our time complaining, and putting things off?  How much time do we loose instead of just getting it done? We turn something quick into a monumental endeavor or, “we create a mountain out of a mole hill.”  I’m a mature woman, I should know better but I still fell into the trap of being lazy.  Hoping I would be rescued from a quick task, I blew it way out of proportion.  How many times have we put off a task because we are sure it will be too difficult or involved?  Think of how much we could accomplish in that wasted time?  How much free time could we create by getting to the task and getting it done?

Now, I won’t say I wasted time with my friend but; I could have done more with her if I had shown up with the task accomplished before I arrived at her door.  My mole hill was a monster of my creating that robbed me of time that I could have spent in better pursuits.  Try to remember that it doesn’t do you any good imagining what things will be like, just get there and get’r done.