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I love my artist network

I love my artist network

People talk of an artistic community but it is more like the roots of the Colorado Poplars, we tend to be connected to each other.  It starts small, you join an art group or a co-op gallery, do a local show and meet a few people.  There might be a small art school that teaches classes or a studio tour and you all have to have a meeting.  Soon, your facebook page is more artists than dog owners.

I discovered this when I did my residency in Spokane, but I soon realized that when I had moved from Sandpoint, I still had art friends from where I left.  We hardly ever meet, we don’t get together very often because being an artist is a rather solitary existence.  They are still there and they take my phone calls.

Years ago, I was in college and got to play with oil paint.  It wasn’t the greatest technical education with the medium.  We were given a list of supplies and were told what to paint but no one taught us color theory or the difference between impasto and glaze.  We learned that in our art history lectures.  The practical theory wasn’t given to us; just paint, we were told.

I still have all of it and now, I want to use it.  Where do I go?  To my network.  All of that knowledge is right there, all I had to do was ask.  Need to know how to set up a booth for a show, phone a friend.  What shows are worth doing?  Ask someone.

The deal is, when your phone rings; you must answer it.  That is right, treat others the way you hope they treat you.  The professional artists I know, don’t hoard their information.  We Share.  We love to open our studio doors, or visit your art place; and talk art and the business.

I have to go now, I have a date with an oil painter.  I’ll let you know how it goes.  I’m excited.