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I like hope, I love the possible

I like hope-  I love the possible.

A few years ago, I wrote about a gift given to me.  An oyster in a can that is supposed to hold a pearl.  On the lid is a picture that shows each color that is possible in the oyster.  I have never opened it because, once you open it; it reduces the possibilities from those several down to one reality.  It is almost a happy Schrodinger’s Cat, save perhaps that the oyster is probably dead,  Sigh* not every metaphor is perfect.

Ultimately, I like to believe that no matter where you are in your life; there will always be possibilities.  That is why I try an artshow down in CA and end up not making any money.  Because sometimes, these professional gambles can pay off.  There is always a chance.  If you don’t try anything, you will never have any chances.  Isn’t that why we play the lottery? Somebody has to win it sometime.

I don’t gamble anywhere else in my life, actually go to a casino that is.  Because, I take chances in other places.  That is why you try to have a business plan, so you know where you can afford to take those chances.  I had a feeling that CA might not pan out but because of that trip, I met a man who has a gallery in Los Olivos (We’re talking).  Each chance you take, if you pay attention; can bring you gains.

I took a chance on going to Denver last year too, that was a great show.  Not every chance you take will pan out.  My life is more like opening a crate of last years Christmas lights. Sometimes when you plug them in, they work.  Most of the time you end up buying a new set.  That is why I purchase strings at the end of Christmas season when they are on clearance.  They end up being my business plan, they are alwasy there when I need them.

Where is all this verbal rambling headed? Think of the possible, plan for the probable and always keep hope.  Happy holidays.