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How much time do you have?

I was recently talking with a friend who is considering changing careers and becoming an artist.  She was sounding panicked about how little time she had to do it in.  I started calming her down by giving her the perspective of how much time we actually have and how many times we redefine ourselves in a lifetime.  She was expressing her age and how fast time was flying by.  She only gave herself about 10 years and I asked her, "Are you dying?  What makes you think you only have 10 years?"  My husband is starting his third career right now.  He spent the first 10 years of our marriage as a delivery driver, the next twenty working for the county and now he is going into inventory management.

They used to say that you should retire by 65 because you won't last much past 75.  Now they are talking about people living to 103.  70 is the new 50 and you are just a child at 40, What?  Well, you have too many responsibilities to be a child at 40 but still.  I think it comes down to what you want to be doing until the end and how much you push it.  My mom is 79 and out on the tractor getting her veggie garden prepped for the season.  Meanwhile, she is still helping with the carousel restoration project.

Grey hair is in fashion, we are supposed to celebrate our roots and I am not talking about our history.  I wonder if it is because the older demographic is the one with the money but ultimately, we are seeing more people starting a 3rd career because they can't afford to retire or they just don't want to lay down.  Why should they? They have so much experience to share and we are benefiting from it.

Don't count the years that you haven't spent yet.  You might get hit by a truck in your front yard.  No one knows when their time is up so make your plans, buy your art supplies and do your projects.  There is probably still time.  Paint, draw, explore mediums and take classes; pay for workshops and wonderous places and don't count yourself out until you can't take another breath.  We can't predict the future so plan like you have a ton of tomorrows.  Remember, Grandma Moses started her art career at 78.  If anything, don't put things off too long.