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Happy Holidays, Warm wishes for all of you

Happy Holidays!

We are bringing to a close another trying year and we seem to be wringing out all of the joy that we can.  COVID has taught us a lot and one of the things I have noticed is, well..... each other.  I have always tried to live the way I want my world to be but we seem to be slowing down and acknowledging each other.  We are still suprised when it happens too, I'm still tring to understand that.  Social distancing has made us look at those around us, and we are talking to each other more.  Perfect strangers seem to be exchanging pleasantries more often.  We are finding common ground as we try to navigate around the shopping isles.

This season is another with a question mark while we wonder how things are going to progress in the coming year.  Do we have gatherings? How many people is too many and should we all be wearing masks or pins that announce our vaccine beliefs?  What ever you decide to do, try to be as patient with yourself as you are with each other.  It is a crazy time right now, inflation, shipping delays, gas prices, long hours and short weekends; everything adds up and pushes our blood pressure and stress levels to the max. While all of that is pulling you in every direction, try to take a deep breath and remember all of the holidays we are celebrating are for us to be "together".

If you can't hug, make some kind of contact. Look people in the eye, take the time to make a phone call.  Money is shorter than the days and we need to consider that the greatest gift is an investment of time.  If you just take the time to stop, and listen; even if it is just on the phone.  The connection is the most important thing you can give.

I hope your days are filled with joy and warmth.  You meet with close friends and keep your family closer.  What ever holiday you celebrate, try to find joy.

As for me, I wish you all a merry Christmas.  Know I also say, Happy Hanukkah, Merry Kwanzaa, and joyful Boxing day.  Mainly I wish that you find some peace and joy to everyone.