...serenity in motion

Frustration got you down? Endurance and finding your way

I got up this morning to find that the power is irrevocably out in the garage, because the garage door jammed and it blew the breaker in the garage that goes to the box in the house.  Thus there is a very long extension cord running to the freezer that I hope is still working.  It hasn't been a good week.  Everyday I wake up and listen to the news for a half hour to find out the weather and if there is good news about Covid-19.  The weather is Spring so 50/50 chance of rain or extreme sunshine.  How do you find momentum at a time like this?

You look for the opportunities.  The Richmond Art Collective is having an online show for May.  It is a small works show and when the director asked us for work, I wanted to know how many can I give her.  She has 5 of mine to start and they are all 8x10's for $125.  Take a look.  Then there is also Spokane Art on the Go!  That is next weekend and I will be setting up my outdoor display on my front lawn.  You can swing by and see it at 2404 W Maxwell Ave, Spokane.  That will be fron 11-4 on Saturday May 2.  I am excited to do this because I need better booth shots anyway for next year.

You look for your successes.  You will be able to see my lovely new painted porch and all of the tulips that my husband and I have been planting for the last few years.  I have been working hard on my landscaping and making everything shine (except the second story, we don't yet have the equipment for painting that).

You look at your goals.  Now more than ever, we need to remember where we want to be.  We will need to adjust our business timelines, but we can still work toward the same goals that we laid out for ourselves and our businesses before Covid-19.  Small businesses were becoming the backbone of this country, we still exist and we can come back from this.  We just need to keep focused on what we wanted to achieve.

As far as my garage door and electrical problem; there is an electrician down the street, I got the name of another guy that comes highly recommended and there were the great guys who installed the new powerbox in my house.  I have the name of a great handyman and the hardware stores are still open.  We will solve this, my husband can park on the street for a small while.  I do it all the time. 

Find your solutions. Look at your achievements to prove that you are capable.  Opportunities are out there, from small forgivable business loans to grants to sales.  Keep your head above the water line and as Dory says, "just keep swimming".