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Finding your place vs making a place for you

Finding your place vs making a place for you.

I am moving again.  My husband and I are picking up and relocating back to Spokane.  Why? Why would I want to move from the beauty of North Idaho to the chaos of a larger city?  There are several reasons for it and I won’t list them all but one of the deciding factors is finding my market.  When I entered the “My Artreprenuer Progarm” or MAP, we discussed the concept of finding a market for what we paint instead of painting for the market. 

When you change what you create for the people who are buying, you can end up losing the joy of creating.  It can lead to creative burn out, and it isn’t as much fun.  Without the fun or joy in your creative process, you can become bored or even worse; disillusioned with your chosen career.  Can you imagine not wanting to create art?  I’ve seen it happen and it breaks my heart to watch an incredible and inspiring talent walk away from art.

When I lived in Spokane 4 years ago, my art career was growing and was robust.  Moving to North Idaho interfered with the growth and in fact, stunted my business.  I travelled to new shows and found some new markets but to support my business all year round, Spokane gives me more options and opportunities.

I don’t recommend completely uprooting and relocating like I am.  It can be very expensive and you do end up having to make new friends and leave loved ones behind.  It is a serious proposition, but for my husband and I; it makes sense.  Wish me luck!