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Financial epiphany

I am stunned.  It seems everyday two things show up on my feed 1, shows are canceled and not refunding and 2, not only are you getting your fee back but here is a link to assistance.  People are angry that the hard earned money they spent on a show isn't comming back but aren't actually paying attention to the assistance that is out there.  Links to grants and loans for small businesses such as mine and others in the art industry be it performing or not, are everywhere.  For the first time, artisans are being considered an essential part of economic growth.  What?  Government is looking at how this crisis is affecting us!

When I enrolled in the MAP class (My Artreprenuer Program, excellent by the way) the Idaho Council for the Arts told us that we were being offered this education for what we bring economically to the state.  I had to think about that; we buy products in state that we turn into a finished product.  We then sell that to people out of the state, which in turn brings money into the state that I spend there.  I am an economic resource that has value.  A value that is recognized.  Well I'll Be!  Son of A GUN!  Not only am I a valued part of the states financial well being but so are small resturants.  People, we have turned a corner!

I grew up with an artist hitting her stride in the 1980's and art was a great business to be in then.  Kids had credit cards and their parents bought art.  They bought a lot of art.  No one really sat down and considered what a small business like that contributed to the economic health of the town, county, state or even country.  When the fiscal down-turned happened, well artists were supposed to grow up and get a job.  Many did get jobs, gave up on the dream and considered their talents a hobby.  Some kept going and fought hard to keep the business afloat.  Those intrepid souls are the ones helping us move forward today but they never had the assistance offered that we are now.

Map taught me to look beyond the surface of my paper and the walls of my display to see other avenues where I could bring in business with my art.  So when these assistance programs floated across my screen, I jumped at them.  That being said, it is important to note; this will never, Ever be an easy way to make your way.  These are not handouts, and they look very closely to see that you work hard to earn them.  I will be greatful for what ever I get because it is another day that I won't have to work for someone else and stop creating my art.  When any money comes my way, I am going to spread it around to all the business that I depend on to be there.  "Money is like fertilizer" Hello Dolly, and her late husband was right.  If you spread it around, it will help things grow.  Things like our economy and we can nurture our economic growth when this is over.  I consider it a safe way to do retail therapy, buying art supplies and supporting each one of us.