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Don't fight the current of the universe, sometimes we need to follow the guidance of unseen forces.

Spirits, Karma, Ancestors and the Flow of the Universe

We have been trying to sell our house and we have been in escrow for like, eons…..  Really not eons but it does seem like it has been forever.  My real-estate agent doesn’t like to tempt fate and constantly scolds me for putting bad energy out there.  I believe that my ancestors are looking out for us and intervene for us.  I told my son when he was a teenager, “your ancestors only have so many chances to intervene on our behalf, try not to waste them.”  I also believe that you should do everything you can to make it easier for those who come behind you.  Consequently, I am leaving 2 wine glasses and a bottle of wine on the counter for the new owner and a hose for the garden.

When it comes down to it, things will happen when they are supposed to.  We can’t rush economic recovery, healing or organizing the house after we move.  When we push to make things move faster, we put stress on different areas.  Sometimes it is our health that suffers, other times it is our end game that falls apart.  To that end, I have learned to work with the flow.  When there is a chance to improve things and make the momentum go smoother, I focus my attention on that.  We want things to happen quickly, but the truth is we have no control over the universe.

We are told that control is an illusion; and I know that if we plan carefully, everything can still go wrong.  I try my best so that when things do fall apart, I don’t feel like I wasted my energy.  I have learned to be quick on my feet and flexible about my outcome.  I tend to focus like a water cannon, point in the general area and know that everything will come out in the wash.  I pay attention to the signs along the way to help me keep on the path. 

The hardest thing to do is accept.  Acceptance is about recognizing that no matter how carefully you planned, no matter how much effort you put into it; it is going to be what it is going to be.  When I was south about to do an amazing artshow last March, I heard through facebook that it had been canceled.  I looked at my husband and said, “well, we might just be tourists this weekend.  Think about what you want to see.”  Now my husband is an unflappable person in the worst times, and he took that statement in his stride.  We spent 4 days in Phoenix AZ, just wandering around enjoying the weather.  It was a nice vacation and we decided we wanted to be able to go back again someday soon.

You can’t fight The Universe, Karma, or The Spirits and that is okay.  Don’t push to make something happen that just won’t.  In the end; you will be frustrated, and you might make things worse.  If this year has taught me anything, it is all about patience.  I can wait, it will all come out in the wash.