...serenity in motion

Do it when you are thinking about it, tomorrow isn't always promised.

I sit here looking at the accidental sculpture I have made of my ankle.  It isn’t permanent, not broken but it has given me a wake up call. Making quick follow through habits now can save you the aggravation of pointlessly staring it all later.

It isn’t about relying on others, which I am; or about realizing how difficult simple tasks can be, because they are right now.  What I am doing is looking at all of the small tasks that I had been putting off are now staring at me and mocking my injured ankle.  I understand that I have posted in the past about letting the dishes wait but I let too much wait all together. I used to be a horrible house keeper but now I am more indifferent.  I have created tidy habits but there is a certain follow through that I have put off.  Now I am dragging myself through my clutter with dismay.

It isn’t just about house work, though I hope my husband put the sheets in the dryer like I asked last night.  It is about the show application that you have a month to get to.  The bio that needs to be revised, or the artist statement that you wanted to re-write. The new display you want to rework for your application photos and the inventory that needs to be packaged for sale.  All of these small things can be put off until you realize the time you had to get around to it has gone.

Being a professional artist is hard, not just creating all the time but also keeping track of all the ducks.  Several of mine are running amok but it is ok because before I rolled my ankle, I was getting my inventory packaging done.  I know where the pieces are that I need to grab and have delivered on Sunday. Thus several of my ducks are wrangled but perhaps you should consider my perspective and write down everything you have been meaning to get to.  Being injured is different than being sick, your head is clear so all of these things can weigh on you.  Take some time now so you can be a more effective patient and heal.