...serenity in motion

Changes is inevitable, don't fight the ride.

My only son is marrying today.  In a field in North Idaho, he will join our family with another and give me the daughter I never had.  They are lovely people, graciouse and kind.  More importantly, they actually love my son as much as I am coming to love their daughter.  Huge event! Massive, tents, lights 26 small cakes, 35# of raspberry curd, 17# of Apple Filling, 5 1/2# of Caramel and 12# of Italian Butter Cream Icing.  (Its really good, I got to try some of the raspberry curd on cake bones last night.)

So far there has been laughter, tears, drama, a lost best man and a replacement and that was just last night.  I tend to become the quiet labradore that sits on peoples feet in these situations.  I try to calm things down and find solutions.  I wander here or there and watch for a bit of trouble to brew and step in if I think I can help.  If I can't, I just stand back and wait to pick up the pieces.

That is the way life is; it isn't always a huge event, but there will always be crisies to turn carefully laid plans upside down.  Someone is always watching you to see how you react and what you do.  That is another reason I try to solve problems rather than add to them.  If you can maintain your calm, you can think your way around to a solution.  Solutions can create chances to make things better in the future.  

Today isn't about sales, it isn't about growing my business, but; today I can add onto possitive momentum in my life.  Momentum carries you forward and like my favorite philosopher said, "Keep moving forward".

Blessings to you all today.