...serenity in motion

Be Present; To be focused on the moment at hand,

I believe that words have power because I give it to them.  Have you ever noticed that 5 different people can say the same thing, but when the right person utters it; you suddenly feel it?  It is because you choose to make those words have power at that moment.  Today, my words of power are; "Be Present".  I am drinking my coffee and that is what my cup says.  Don't think it is coffee cup sentimentality, I bought the cup because of what it said.  It goes on to say; "v.- to be focused on the moment at hand. - to be engaged in what is going on now and not worring about the future or focusing on the past."

The election has us all stirred up right now.  My son is calling everyday with his frustration and complaints about how bad things are 'going' to be.  His friends and co-workers are angry too and everyone seems to be all worked up. I keep telling him, "you are borrowing trouble.  You are wasting energy on the unknown."  Things can always get worse, but they can also get better.  

I want to be present.  If I get upset about what may happen, I will become distracted and loose my ability to function and create in the now.  That doesn't mean I am putting my head in a hole in the ground.  I am not advocating ignoring the world.  I am just saying, don't ruin the now with the possiblities of the future.  We get so caught up in what may be coming down the road ahead that we miss the adventure right in front of us.  I have so many great things going on in my life right now, I don't want to tarnish my enjoyment with bitter predictions of the future.

I'm going to make some predictions;
     1) Tomorrow, the sun will come up.
     2) Tonight, the sun will go down.
     3) The world will keep on spinning.

Try to keep perspective and trust in the absolutes.  You have the power to make words important to you.  You can choose what has weight in your life and what doesn't.  My son and my lovely new daughter-in-law, my continued relationship with my mother and the amazing man who chooses to continue being my husband, these are the important things in my life.  Nothing that is decided before January first will change these unless I choose to make it different.  

In closing, keep a healthy perspective, choose your priorities and Be Present.