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Always be at the ready to work it.

Being in business for yourself is all about paying attention to opportunity and setting your self up in advance so you can grab it.  When you are dealing with people in front of you now, you have to always consider the future and how this moment might affect how they think of you later.  Then is the preparedness you need to keep in mind.  Sometimes, you don't have time to consider what you have to put together to avail yourself of a sudden chance.  To that end, always have yourself set up for success.

I was toying with the idea of doing a show, it wasn't the most perfect timing but it would have been a great thing to take advantage of.  I tossed around the idea, called the promoter and had a conversation about it.  I got waitlisted. Ok, that's fine.  A lot of artists will tell you that waitlisting is the same as a refusal, not me.  If I get on a waitlist, I have a better than 50% chance of getting in.  The call came, "Can you still come?"  I was gearing up for a business trip, but yes; I could still come. The promoter knows that if I say I can do it, I can and will do it and do it well.  I am all set up to do so because, I had prepared and put everything together ahead of time.

Now, I have storage that I can access.  My rolling show box has all of my supplies ready to go at all times.  I have a ton of inventory that is wrapped and packed to preserve and protect it.  All of this important, if you know you can grab and go; you are always ready.  Think of it like being a fireman, no matter what happens; the bell rings and they are ready in a minute or less.  I don't have to stress about putting things together, they are always together.  Labels, pricetags, tables, chairs, lights, cords and art are always waiting like minute men.

If you are set up correctly, you don't have to stress about packing.  I am always ready to go.  I told a gallery recently, if you need a fill in call me.  The director said, "I know you are and don't worry, I can trust you will be ready at a moment's notice." If I am out of town, I can get her a key for my storage and she could go in and get what she needs because I keep it organized too.  I can send her a file with prices and titles all ready to go for her inventory even if I am 2,00 miles away.  Setting yourself up for success is just that.  I'm getting ready to go, but I feel better knowing that I got this part in the bag, I had it packed a month ago.

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